Sylvanian Fathers Captain Pirate Blue Parrot

Sylvanian Families Clothing

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 Sylvanian father Captain Pirate, is ready and set to go, and  take on a wild adventure, and sail across the seven seas. With his new Captains outfit, he has all the confidence, in the world, to make the voyage. The shirt is plain white with frills of white and gold lace on the sleeves, frills of white and gold lace down the front, with a gold diamond in the center. The shirt has white piping around the neckline and Velcro at the back. Leather look, black tailored, fitting, trousers with Velcro fasteners at the back. A red matching belt that matches the trim on the wide brim hat. A stunning long length royal blue vest with gold and blue trims. Captains hat is amazing plain black with red trims and a red diamond in the center on the front, and feathers on the side. Not forgetting the famous pirate patch. This one is a leather look patch and fits easily over his head with a thin elastic band.

Please Note, the peg leg, blue parrot and rat, are not included in this ensemble of clothing. The accessories are from a playmobil pirate range. Be creative and enjoy making your very own pirate theme.

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